Do it Yourself Websites

Many business owners fall into the trap of the do it yourself website services.websites in maple valley wa They make it look super easy to build websites. You're provided tools, templates, and guides on building your own website. Seems like a great solution to cut business costs. Do it yourself websites, do they really work?

It's true you can build great looking websites yourself. With enough learning and consumption of time you can accomplish anything. How much time do you want to spend learning a new profession?

You started a business to make money not spend money. When not working billable hours you're not make money. Or, worse you're spending time away from the things you like doing such as spending time with family. It the old saying "how much of your time is worth to you?". Either way you're paying someone to build that website. You either pay yourself in the form of time, internal employee, or you can outsource it.

Let us fast forward to the future of your business. Now that your business is super successful and you no longer want to waste your valuable time maintaining your website and you'd like to do more with it in the form of marketing you're stuck. Because you used a DIY service you'll need to trash all the work and time that was invested into it. This is because DIY websites are very limited on their abilities and functionality. Even though they seem easy to build they actually require a tone of work to get them to perform as robust as you see them. A simple change is a big deal and custom code options are very limited.

Save yourself some money in the long-run and go with an option that's going have the foundation you'll need to scale your business. All to often we hear business owners say "we'll worry about that later" , "when we're successful we can handle it". Sure, if you become the next Amazon you can afford just about anything. But, be realistic in your investments. You're right in that you have no idea how your business is going to turn out so it's a good idea to build it with the best investments as possible.

Get more out of you sites with one that's built by a professional and has the room to grow. Set your roots with a website service provider that's going to be there to help you grow for the life of your business.

Websites start at $2000 and up. What's included:

Common content pages:

  • Home Page

    • Image and Content Included. Brief introduction to your business.

  • About Us

    • Image and Content Included. Brief instruction about your business.

  • Contact Us

    • Contact us form for easier customer communication.

  • Gallery or Portfolio

    • Images or content provided to illustrate your work.

  • Services or Products

    • Images and Content Included. Brief overview of each product and or service you provide.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Each page is embedded with keywords and
  • Meta data to ensure your business is found in Search Engines.

Blog Add-On $250

  • Email Integration - Send an email with content and have it automatically post to your website and appear on Social Media.
  • Common blog post layout.

What's Covered in the Monthly Maintenance:

  • SSL (Secured Site Certificate)
  • Continual Updates
  • Malware protection
  • Hosting Services
  • 24/7 Support
  • Site Backups
  • Integration Maintenance
  • 98% Site Up Time
  • Weekly Google Analytic Site Performance Data

Try before you buy!

We build your site and if you'd like to purchase we simply activate it, and you're ready to go. All websites are built on a temporary domain. If you don't have a domain yet that's ok we'll provide one until you find one.

Find your domain here:

Be the Boss!

Take ownership and get your business a professional website that's ready to scale.