We consult on the management of specifications and specification data. We remedy the gaps in process, people, and software.


Specialized knowledge and skills that may not be available in-house.

Objective Perspective

Unbiased, external opinions and recommendations based on our expertise.

Time Efficiency

Focus on critical tasks and projects, allowing in-house staff to concentrate on their core responsibilities.


Short-term or long-term contracts for specific projects or timeframes, reducing the need for long-term commitments or employee benefits.


Consultants can be hired on an as-needed basis, providing support during peak periods or for specific challenges.

Change Management

Help implement organizational changes, providing guidance and strategies for a smooth transition.

Networking and Resources

Have connections and access to resources that may not be available internally.


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What to Expect

Deep Dive and Collaboration

Conducting a deep dive fosters comprehensive understanding, identifies strengths and weaknesses, uncovers root causes, and reveals opportunities for growth and innovation. This process also aids risk assessment, improves decision-making, and generates actionable recommendations. Collaboration enhances creativity, problem-solving, efficiency, and learning while nurturing relationships, adaptability, and a strong organizational culture. By combining deep dive analysis with collaboration, stakeholders align their understanding and work together effectively.

Strategy and Execution

A well-defined strategy provides clear direction, optimizes resource allocation, guides decision-making, and establishes performance metrics. It also ensures competitive advantage, risk management, adaptability, stakeholder confidence, and long-term growth. Successful execution translates strategy into tangible outcomes, improving productivity, competitiveness, reputation, and financial performance. Execution also promotes learning, adaptability, employee engagement, and organizational growth.

Support and Impact

Support quality influences customer satisfaction, brand reputation, customer retention, issue resolution, employee satisfaction, and the understanding of customer needs. Effective support fosters trust-building, positive word-of-mouth, and increased revenue, while also enabling organizations to adapt and solve problems proactively. Combining deep dive, collaboration, strategy, execution, and support ensures an organization's growth, stability, and success.


Financial Performance

Time Reduction

Quality Improvement

Business Improvement

How We're Different

During our time working in the industry, we noticed one consistent aspect: software implementations are transient, while people and data remain constant.

Various software solutions were impressive, each capable of performing the tasks they promised. However, something crucial was missing. The software itself doesn't input the data. Without accurate and complete data, even the most advanced software becomes ineffective.

Another surprising fact we discovered across all companies we worked with was the prevalence of incomplete or incorrect data. This issue commonly arises due to staff turnover or the absence of a dedicated resource and process for consistently inputting data into a system.

To address these gaps in process, people, and software, we shifted our focus to the data and specifications themselves, rather than the software. This approach allowed us to become system agnostic. Regardless of the system a business uses to manage their specifications, we can adapt to it, learn it, or already be familiar with it, or even have our own system in place. The data remains the same, and our expertise lies in ensuring its accuracy and completeness.

By concentrating on data management, we provide businesses with the support they need to maintain high-quality, reliable data, regardless of the software or system used. We help organizations identify and rectify data inaccuracies, implement processes for consistent data input, and bridge the gap between people, processes, and technology.

Our extensive experience with various systems enables us to adapt to any company's specifications management needs, ensuring that the data remains the central focus. By being system agnostic, we can seamlessly integrate with any organization and resolve data-related challenges without disrupting existing workflows.

In conclusion, our unique approach to data and specifications management, coupled with our system-agnostic capabilities, allows us to provide unparalleled support to organizations. By addressing the common issues of incomplete or incorrect data, we help businesses fully leverage their software solutions, optimize processes, and ultimately achieve their goals. With a focus on people and data, we ensure that businesses can navigate the ever-changing landscape of software implementations without losing sight of what truly matters: accurate, reliable, and comprehensive data.

Your success is our top priority. We strive to cultivate enduring customer relationships, as prosperous businesses positively impact everyone involved. Our expertise in our domain enables you to excel in yours, with familiar resources streamlining future projects and minimizing learning curves.

Think of us as an extension of your team, safeguarding the knowledge of your business processes, culture, challenges, and history. In today's dynamic workforce, where employee growth and turnover can impede the retention of expertise, preserving this information is crucial.

While resource mobility is advantageous, maintaining crucial information is vital for achieving sustainable growth without intensifying learning curves. We are dedicated to supporting your business's long-term growth and success, adapting alongside you on your journey.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of consulting services. Since we're more about specifications and not about proprietary software we work on your specifications as employees of your business. Means we are team members on the execution of whatever needs to be accomplished that is what the business wants to do.

We do the work

You need data. Data needs to be obtained, cleaned, and entered. To our clients all our solutions are as automated as they want. While we are always refining process we can start immediately. More manual at first and then more automated. This allows you to begin making progress right away.


As specification managers, we specialize in data management and perform data loading. Our team can extract data from legacy systems, organize it, and transfer it to the next system.

If your data isn't digitized, we can use SpecSquad to digitize it for you.

Don't have a system to manage your specs? No worries, we offer our own system.

If the data exported from a legacy system is unrecognizable, our skilled data developers can restructure it to meet your requirements, ensuring a smooth migration and overall improvement.


We can perform configuration. Calculation, formulation, automation, and best-practice configuration is available. Your system is more likely to be used if it is easy to use. Systems offer great governance but also can be a large performance inhibitor if not designed well. We can help.


While we are system agnostic we do have the most experience working with the following systems:


Data Governance

Robust data governance unifies understanding, maintains quality, ensures respect.

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Data Management

Maximize insights, profit, growth; minimize data wastage, streamline processes.

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Spec Squad

Digitized specs effectively using college student internship.

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Fulfill customer demands, navigate politics, manage data, ensure sustainability.

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