Data Governance​

Data Governance is a subset of an overall data management strategy. We believe it is important enough and big enough in scope to stand on its own.  As one of the most overlooked and undervalued of the data management disciplines, it is commonly mistaken for a project or a program instead of being viewed as a way of operating that is ideally second nature to a company's people and teams.

Data Governance functions like any other data management discipline in that its objective is to protect and maintain the integrity of a company's data assets.  

Data governance is about ensuring the company has a shared understanding of each critical data object. For example, "Who is your customer?" If you are like many organizations, when everyone from the CEO down to each employee often has a different definition of who the customer is, everything from business process to data set up to data science and analytics follows suit.  When the supporting data is unclear it is... well... unsupportive.

Dazmii Supported Data Governance Disciplines​

  • Data Object Identification
  • Data Definition
  • Data Use 
  • Data  lineage and impact
  • Data Sensitivity Classification
  • Data Quality Rules – Business and Technical
  • Data Standards
  • Data Quality Process Design and Implementation
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Dashboarding

Another way data governance helps maintain  the integrity of a company's data assets is through people and processes using the data.  When the data is trusted because it's accurate, complete, and available, you can accomplish more.  When people and teams understand their responsibility with regard to protecting the data, just as they would a piece of equipment, data becomes a company responsibility.

Dazmii consultants competently lead organizations through complex data governance discussions and implementations based on many combined decades of experience in data management across multiple industries and various data types ranging from master data to unstructured data to reference data. We have a passion for food manufacturing and consumer goods and are strong in the end-to-end commercialization process and details. Our consultants can serve in whatever capacity you need! If you need us to get into the trenches or lead with your executive team, we are comfortable working at all levels of your company. 

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