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The Spec Squad is a unique and proprietary service we are proud to offer our many customers who  want to trust their specification data from product initiation through publication to the GDSN. This team believes that well-managed and governed specification data yields highly nimble supply chains, data publication, analytics, commercialization, and other processesFurther, when data is maintained once and replicated where necessary, companies can save time and money.  

What is the Spec Squad?  

  • A team of Package, Food Science, and Engineering students from various universities partnered with seasoned professionals, all of whom we have hand-selected based on our standards of integrity, attention to detail, and a passion for commercialization data and process
  • A team dedicated to defining, digitizing, and maintaining R&D specifications tailored just for you. 
  • We specialize in using the Specright in the Salesforce platform and offer our services in all specification platforms
  • An accelerator for companies who want to move quickly toward R&D goals such as faster Commercialization/speed-to-market, new system implementations, cost savings, and more.

Dazmii Supported Spec Squad Services

  • A la carte to full-service specification data management end-to-end including supplier interaction where needed, data entry, graphic die-line creation, approval routings and management
  • Data quality/integrity oversight from spec to consumer
  • Specification digitization
  • Specification maintenance and management
  • Specification dashboarding and insights

Vendor Data Support

Dazmii offers an affordable solution that streamlines data integration and frees up specialized resources for more impactful tasks.

Why the Spec Squad?

  • Specification data is what we do.  We specialize in specification data and are 30 – 40% faster at system processing with ZERO hiring, training, or turnover costs to you
  • Companies can save up to 30%* of technical resource time managing and creating specification information and free them to do the work they are paid to do
  • Spec Squad leverages our data management and governance principles with you to ensure your specification data is reliable and trusted
  • Spec Squad enables data to be readily available for R&D technical resources to use for innovation, renovation and cost saving projects.
  • Resource cost is up to 50% less than our customers' entry to mid-level technical resources. Technical resources are often more expensive, so ensuring they are available for the hard stuff means you get the right work done with the right people
  • Customers implementing new Specification systems can focus on what matters most and let the Spec Squad take care of the data

Achieve your Goals with Spec Squad Services

Short term:

  • Gain digitization and process support during an event such as a new system transition or implementation. 
  • Leverage Spec Squad as a change management tool - training support, process design, metrics build, dashboarding are just a few ways we can assist you
  • Surge resource needs for larger initiatives or projects such as an acquisition or large product/brand changes to support detailed specification management, digitization and process support

Long term:

  • Benefit from specification management and process support for your organization as an outsourcing/cost-saving model
  • Receive and respond to detailed insights we run for you on your data
  • Project specific specification management digitization and process support.  i.e. acquisition, large product/brand changes

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