Data Management​


   Data Management is a comprehensive set of disciplines needed to ensure a company's data assets can be trusted and available for use throughout the organization as intended. While there are a variety of perspectives on which disciplines are part of an overall data management program, we believe each discipline can stand alone as a strength or an opportunity for an organization. 

Dazmii consultants competently lead organizations through complex, business-oriented, data management discussions and implementations based on many combined decades of experience in data management across multiple industries and various data types ranging from master data to unstructured data to reference data. We have a passion for food manufacturing and consumer goods and are strong in the business side of end-to-end commercialization process and details. Our consultants can serve in whatever capacity you need! If you need us to get into the trenches or lead with your executive team, we are comfortable working at all levels of your company. 

Because of the diverse experiences our team of consultants boasts, we also understand challenges many organizations have with disparate architecture.  We believe the business and people should drive the technology and not the other way around, but we also know it's not always that easy. Therefore, we work with your organization to help refine  business process to ideally receive business outcomes you desire within the boundaries of your landscape and architecture. 

We know you want to spend less time on data and more time on insights, profit, and growth!  We believe data should be invisible to your organization because it's simply the fuel that runs your business.  

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Dazmii Supported Data Management Disciplines​

  • Data Process Design – Create, Maintain, Delete, Archive
  • End-to-End Process Data to Business Process Design
  • Data-to-Process Mapping
  • Data Quality Process and Implementation
  • Data Process Automation or Tool Implementation
  • E-Commerce Readiness/Data Synchronization Support
  • Data  Dashboarding
  • Data Process Controls
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • ...and more

Readiness.  Our service.  We understand software but focus is more around how it fits into your culture and ensuring the BP can be defined in it.....  

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