Hug a Veteran!

Veterans Day, a day where we remember and honor those who may have joined the service for selfish reasons ultimately offered the most selfless act. Everyone who serves, serves or served others.

Who are Veterans?

They're everyone. They're all walks of life. What they have in common is one thing duty to serve. Pretty powerful when you put it into perspective. Choice to serve others in exchange for benefits. When you define hero serving others is a requirement. Serving others is an act of selflessness.

Given the recent political climate and our societal temperature we need more selfless individuals. Individuals who're ok with being the Silent Warrior, meaning doing the right thing even if they never get credit for it. It takes an exceptional kind of person to put in the effort and not get credit. These individuals perform these selfless acts because of values, it's who they are, and it's what they believe in.

Whatever you believe in you must believe in community and humanity. We're going through many changes right now, for the better. We all need to work together for a better tomorrow. Burning of flags and showing any opportunity to disrespect selfless individuals has got to stop. If we're to make great progress we must understand where to apply our efforts. Selfless individuals are on your team.

Put down your political pitch forks and respect all your Veterans. If you're to accomplish progress and change you're going to need support. Choosing to work with selfless has to be easier than selfish. They served for you and everyone you know. Respect and appreciate individuals who're willing to serve you. Hug a Vet!

Operation Pop Smoke

operation pop smoke

A current project we're working on is for Operation Pop Smoke. Operation Pop Smoke is an organization that's working to eliminate suicides, specifically Veterans. These passionate individuals have developed an app that's designed to leverage proven and existing support systems and techniques. This mobile app is schedule to release soon. As we talk about selfless individuals these individuals who've served are hard to recognize after they've returned from service because they're just like us. Maybe when you see an individual duck after a loud noise you think that's odd. It's fairly common for Veterans and can be very difficult when transitioning from service. Thanks to organizations like Operation Pop Smoke these transitions can be more successful. Providing the support these selfless individuals need.

We're proud and want to thank Operation Pop Smoke for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of providing aid and support for individuals who served.

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