Dazmii continues to grow and expand with new skills and resources to better serve our clients and communities. Each new skill means a better service and support. Continually looking to expand our service offerings to ensure we're able to support and serve our clients' needs.

There're strategic partnerships and there are good business partnerships. We don't only make partnerships that are to allow something to benefit Dazmii. We focus on what our clients are asking for then we find partnerships that satisfy those needs. It's not about us but about you and our community.

How do we build better business and communities?

We identify specific business needs and we focus resources on those needs.

We've recently partnered with business that offer very specific skills and services to pare them with an overall service that businesses need. Services like mobile app development or brand strategy. Each of these services are unique and equally important and when included as part of a cohesive package everything works together.

When there're more services working in tandem and in harmony businesses thrive, accomplish more, and achieve success with less effort.

We're always looking to expand partnerships with other services and businesses. If you or you know a business who may be a good addition to our services please have them contact us. We're always looking for new partnerships.

Partnership Requirements

Our partnership requirements may surprise many businesses. Ethics is one of them! We don't partner with businesses that we don't feel offers quality or services a business is looking for.

For example, if you're an email marketing service and you claim to have 400 million emails that you can advertise to, we're not interested. First of all there're only 328 million people in the U.S. so you're emailing the same people multiple times and or you have obtained emails that don't belong to you and you're looking to blast them with advertising that's not tailored to the receipt on those we don't want it. Now telling business owners they too can email the nation more than once about your advertisement.

We feel that's an example of an unethical service. The odds someone provided their email and wants to receive any advertisement is not likely and since you've indicated you have an email address for every person in the U.S. potentially multiple times would indicate you have a lot of junk emails, which sounds like junk for junk.

We approach our clients' marketing very different in that we focus on quality, relationships, and retention. There are many key areas to focus on that build businesses for long-term growth not get rich quick schemes.