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We've partnered with Oggvo to better server businesses. While we provide a long list of digital marketing services it is just as important to ensure businesses receive recognition for their efforts through reviews. All our clients require the collection of testimonials and reviews. Combining Oggvo's review collection service with our digital marketing provides an additionally successful overall strategy for businesses. We specialize in freeing up time from our clients so they can continue to do what they do and this is just another useful feature at their disposal.

Oggvo offers complete Review collection service for their clients. Their service is clean and autonomous so business leaders can capture their reviews with less work. It is true, reviews turn into referrals. Referrals is one of the most sound ways to accrue new business. Customers want to go with brands they can trust. The more fans you have of your business the more trust you'll establish.

Oggvo's process of collecting reviews is clean and easy. Offering website integration and quick Social Media setup. Stay connected with your clients with newsletters and announcements.